I love photography. It is all I can think about, morning, noon, and night. It embodies everything I stand for, everything I hope for and everything I live for.  In Photography there is freedom. It is where I can be myself without inhibitions and limitations.  
I am by nature a storyteller. I like to tell stories of the world around me. But words are not enough. It is through images I create and capture that I fully convey what is on my heart and mind. Being an introvert, photography is my words.
I was born in the Philippines and migrated to the United States and finally settled in New York City. I am a licensed Registered Nurse for the State of New York and work as an RN in Emergency Medicine. I have a degree in Philosophy and Physical Therapy and currently planning to enroll in my Master's Degree. I studied theology for a couple of years in Australia before moving to the United States.
My professional photography transitioned from a hobby to a career when I studied and lived in Australia. Living in the continent for almost seven years and being assigned from one place to another as a de facto Photographer and Graphics designer, it became a mishmash of rich experience within and outside my academic responsibilities.  My favorite experience was my solo exploration of remote places in Australia and capturing its beauty under various weather conditions. This particular experience made me who I am today as a photographer.
I then moved to Los Angeles and worked in a newly established e-commerce department of one of the big diamond jewelry companies in the country where I mastered the art of e-commerce and product photography.
Determined to pursue my dream to become a full time photographer, I moved to New York City and finally had the courage to establish my own Photography Studio, ROMP Studios. Here, I delve into Headshots and Portraitures. 
After a couple of years of being a Headshot and Portrait Photographer, I expanded my horizon by making it into Photojournalism, my first love in Photography and later into Fashion Photography, of which I have intense passion. These three make up the triad of pillars of my photography career: Portraitures, Photojournalism and Fashion; all of which, the human persona is my subject. 
I am to date a member of the National Press Photographers Association as a freelance photojournalist and a Corporate Headshot and Commercial Portrait photographer within the Queens and Brooklyn areas of New York City. 
My style of photography is very simple: happy, cozy, colorful and vibrant which can be described as fully human, fully alive. My style is to present the truthfulness of every photo as it is. The beauty of photography is in its truthfulness.
I never studied Photography as a formal education. It is to me is an innate talent that I was born with. It's instinctual as one of my professor said to me in the seminary. My archetype of being an eagle and my personality being an INFJ contributes to the chasmic persona of having the ability to see what other people can't. This I use to my advantage in furthering my craft and skill as a Photographer.
My Profession is Nursing. I save lives. But my passion and first love is Photography. I document lives as it unfolds.
The lives I touch are the stories I tell through my images.​​​​​​​